Indrani Devi Institute of Education receives its origin from SRIPUR NEW HORIZON Society which is a social welfare organisation running with the aims and objectives of peace, unity and all-round development of society. Indrani Devi Institute of Education Recognised by NCTE (ERC) is a Teacher’s Training Institute Organised by SRIPUR NEW HORIZON Society.

Proposed future projects of SRIPUR NEW HORIZON Society are mentioned below:  

1/  Organize seminar and awareness building camp on different aspects for social well being of the poor people.

2/ To establish Book Bank for the poor children.

3/ To provide examination support and organize health checkup camp in the remote villages.

4/ To organise Condensed Course / Bridge Course Programme for the drop-out children and mainstream them.

5/ To build awareness of the poor people on low-cost housing.

6/ To organise Mass Marriage Ceremony of different communities.

7/ To organise student coaching camp for ensuring quality education of the poor Children.